Interplay Under Construction

Moving Stories

University of the Arts London /2019

Francis Crick Institute/ 2016


Interplay Under Construction is an interactive exhibition where visitors are invited to explore and experience how the University of the future might collaborate, innovate, theorise and provide new learning and teaching spaces. Artworks and projects by alumni, staff and students are presented to show innovation in teaching and learning practices. The exhibits pose questions to visitors and playfully invite them to answer. By engaging in an interactive multi-sensory experience the exhibits intents to construct and play with new ideas of collaboration, teaching and learning.

Moving stories explores how local people in St Pancras and Somers Town (Borough of Camden, London) keep active and some of the things that can make this more difficult.

What do you do to be active? What’s your idea for a more active neighbourhood?

The themes discussed were the crossover between innovation, motivation,  activity and place.  Stories shared here will help inform a new public health project in St Pancras and Somers Town, London.

De Passage

I Love Breda

Reinwardt Academy Amsterdam/2015

Stedelijk Museum Breda/2015

The Reinwardt Academy (part of Amsterdam Universtiy of Arts) moved to a renovated building at Hortusplantsoen in the Plantation Weesperbuurt , Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition “De Passage” markes the relocation and the core products of the Academy.

“I Love Breda” is an annually exhibition, which emphasizes the engagement with the city, but also reflects developments and issues in art of local relevance. The year I worked at MOTI (now called Stedelijk Museum Breda) the theme was: check out my neighbourhood! The museum asked citizens of Breda to look at their own living area and capture something unique.

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