Why not now?

Future Geology

Assembled by Root Rotterdam /2016

Ungoing project /2010-now


"Why Not Now?" includes a selection of glass artworks. The sculptures present a fresh perspective to abstract and powerful artworks, in which the power lies in the reduction of elements.

The glass sculptures are born of research-oriented experiments. Gwen explores her perception of the world through the framework of abstraction.

"Future Geology" is an ungoing material futures project. Focussing on the simulation of human effects on the earth's crust. In the era of Anthropocene, human activities have a global impact on the Earth. The project addresses the effects of humankind depleting natural resources and polluting our soil.

Meditative Mobiles

Captured In Time

Willem de Kooning /2015

Urban Crafts /2016

Meditative mobiles are objects that pursue time for daily contemplation in an intuitive way. These mobiles contribute to meditation and contemplation. They move slowly, reflect or absorb light and make a chiming sound, which creates a sensorial experience. In this manner time for contemplation and meditation can be naturally integrated in daily life.

In her installation artwork Captured in time Gwen uses flowers as a metaphor to address temporality, impermanence and the ephemeral. The sculptures represent decay and to what degree beauty can be preserved. The flowers are frozen in time in jars and together with the matching scent create an immersive experience.

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