Sense of Place

Sanctuary of Serenity

Willem de Kooning & Shell tower Rotterdam / 2015

Austin Friars Church / 2018


Sense of place is an intuitive art installation in which spectators can be enhaced. In the installation visitors are surrounded by a biophilic world through a multi-sensory experience. By encorporating elements of dripping water, audio, a fresh brease and a moment of silence Gwen explores the eco-centric approach in an anthropocene age.

Sanctuary of Serenity is a site-specific installation that creates a contemplative space while, at the same time, experimenting with potential alternative uses of redundant churches in the City of London. The project responds, in a contemporary interpretation, to the need to revitalise vacant churches in London's financial and commercial district, with the aim of instilling a renewed appreciation of the City's churches.

Ocean of Plastics


Universal Sea Project / 2018

Assembled by Root / 2016

Ocean of Plastics is an atmospheric installation work by Gwen van den Bout. Gwen's conceptual artworks seek to immerse the viewer in the narratives, places and sensory qualities of our natural environment. Ocean of Plastics addresses and communicates the issue of oceanic plastic pollution and its impact on water quality, one of the key challenges of the Anthropocene.

"Untitled" focuses on the themes of perception and individual expression. Gwen's experiential, conceptual practice incorporates many different methods and media, harnessing the potential of material and the dynamism and energy resonating in animate work.


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