Breathing Light

LVMH Louis Vuitton Group /2017

Amsterdam Light Festival / 2018


To mark twenty-five years of its Environment Department, in September 2017 LVMH created a two day event in Paris called Future LIFE (LVMH Initiatives for the Environment). The question that came out of the brief was: “How can an installation embody the sustainability and celebrate LVMH’s commitment to the environment?” The installation Microcosme comprised four worlds that invited guests to taste, view and learn more about the LIFE programme’s recent achievements. In a poetic and narrative manner the four key points of the programme were translated in a spatial experience.

The medium is the message is the famous one-liner of media analyst Marshall McLuhan. By accident the book he wrote was published as “The medium is the massage". When McLuhan discovered the printing error, he exclaimed, "Leave it alone! It"s great, and right on target!" The concept Gwen created reacts to this. “Breathing Light” is a meditative light installation that responds to the idea of using medium as light in order to massage.

A Place To Shelter

Urban Playground

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

Departmentstore De Bijenkorf

A place to shelter is a light installation artwork addressing the home, the domestic space and how the urban space could look like. The concept aims to enrich environmental and civic discourse by examining the intersection of two bodies of ethical thinking related to the concept of care, familiarity and place. Home is a central element in our socialisation into the world.

“De Bijenkorf” is the biggest department store in the Netherlands featuring luxury brands. After Gwen did a succesful internship she got offered a job as a Specialist Visual. During her time at “De Bijenkorf” she implemented themes in the department store. As a Specialist Visual the main aim is to create a premium customer experience throughout the whole department store.

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